PROLight Shield Sleeves 8 Lite Pin Bar Package A - PROLight Shields & Sleeves
Regular Custom Formed Up Light Covers: ProLight Shield SM PROLight Shields, Up Light Bases & Sleeves Event Base Support 1/4"
Event Base Support 1/4"
Our Price: $159.99

7 Reasons To Use UpLightCovers PROLight Shields

1) Venue Push.... More and more venues and hotels are requiring their DJs and Lighting Professionals to "Cover their up lights."

2) A completed look and feel to anyone's lighting design, 

3) Limited Protection of the lighting fixtures.

4) The White House (Washington, DC) Ordered almost 50 of these .... IF these products are good for them, they are quality for anyone.

5) Ease of storage and transportation - Light Weight

6) Virtually indestructible - made of 16 gauge aluminum.

7) Flexibility of colors to blend into the background.